Quill Stop Spindle Brake Productivity Package PM-25MV


This package includes the Spindle Brake and Quill Stop accessories in one package.  Priced separately, these items total $228.  At $199, that’s a savings of $29 or 13%!

 Product Ordered Today will Ship in Mid to Late October 

Spindle Brake PM-25MV

The Spindle Brake Flip provides a convenient method of locking the spindle freeing both hands to complete a tool change.  A safety switch ensures that power to the motor is disabled when the Spindle Brake is engaged. This Spindle Brake features a locking fork which locks the mill’s spindle when engaged and does not require a separate locking device to be mounted and removed from the mill.

 Product Ordered Today will Ship in Mid to Late October 

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Quill Stop PM-25MV

The Quill Stop provides a quick and accurate way to set the quill depth of cut on the Precision Matthews PM-25MV and all compatible milling machines.

A key feature of the Quill Stop is that it is compatible with the Spindle Brake for the PM-25MV mill.  The Spindle Brake PM-25MV locks the spindle for performing tool changes and features an electromagnetic locking mechanism which locks the spindle and cuts power to the mill when engaged for additional safety, much like pressing the E-Stop switch when changing a tool.

 Product Ordered Today will Ship in Mid to Late October 

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